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Matthew 22

Matthew 22
Imagine being invited to a royal wedding feast and choosing not to show.  Maybe that’s a big deal, maybe not… but what if you’re the Bride?  Or if you’re the Groom and your Bride doesn’t show?  As we dig in to Matt 22 Jesus is once again using a parable to get His point across.  We all know He’s not talking about an actual wedding feast.  Who is the King?  Who is the Son?  Who are the servants, and the prospective guests?  What about the man who shows up without wedding clothes?  What’s his deal, and why is he thrown out in the street?

Should I pay taxes when I don’t agree with what the government does with my tax dollars?  There’s the million dollar question!  Check out what Jesus says.  

Let’s say someone has been married more than once - for whatever reason.  Maybe they are a widow or widower and then they get remarried.  Who will they be married to when they get to Heaven?

So many parables - referring to so many laws / expectations.  Can’t you simplify it for me?  A lawyer comes to Jesus, really trying to back Him into a corner and asks which commandment is the greatest.  Jesus answers summing up the whole thing!  

You gotta check this stuff out for yourself!  Dig in!