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Matthew 21

Matthew 21

Here comes the King!!!  Dum da da dum!!! When our students return from a state competition we herald their return with a parade, and fireworks.  When the President travels, he does so with a grand motorcade.  Anytime one of the Royals does anything it’s grand, so surely when Jesus arrived, King of the Jews, Savior of the world it was BIG!   Check it out and see.  You might be surprised.  

Jesus was the master of meekness.  What is meekness?  It surely isn’t weakness!  Jesus arrives at the Temple and discovered that they have turned it into a market for organized crime - ha ha.  I’m only partially joking.  There were some that were selling animals to be purchased for sacrifices at a profit, but there were also money changers.  It was typical for them to exchange money at a less than fair rate - for profit.  Much like arriving in a foreign country and exchanging your US dollars for the local currency, those arriving at the Temple needed to exchange their money for money with no human image on it to pay the Temple Tax required.  This kind of nonsense was NOT to be permitted in the Temple.  John 2:15 says Jesus made a whip out of cords - then He got to work!  My question always is this.  No one resisted Him?  These were people not afraid to rip others off - they were salty!  What kind of fierce passion must have Jesus displayed that when their livelihood was overturned no one stood up against him?  Ever meet someone you just knew you would never want to cross?  I believe that was Jesus!

There is so much more in this chapter you need to dig into!  

This summer on missions we had a couple students get caught in the rip tide and get drug out a big far in the ocean.  They were far enough out that the lifeguards had to swim out and save them.  The students were obviously pleased to see them and have the help.  Could you imagine being in their situation and rejecting the salvation?  Check out the rest of the chapter - Jesus is dealing with something similar.  Check it out!

Keep digging!