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Matthew 20

Matthew Chapter 20

Have you ever wondered about someone who lived their entire life seemingly for themselves.  If a good tree doesn’t bare bad fruit and a bad tree good fruit then it would seem they are a bad tree.  Have you ever heard someone say, well maybe they turned to Jesus on their death bed.  Does that seem fair?  That’s the funny thing about the Mercy and Grace of God.  It’s not up to us.  It’s also not about fair - if it was we would never receive it!  Fair and Justice = eternal separation from God.  It’s not about being good enough, or even good enough long enough.  It’s ALL Jesus!  Checkout how He reminds the Disciples of just that!

Have you ever had to tell your mom to stay out of it?  Or even worse have you secretly had your mom do your bidding for you?  However it went down, James and John’s mommy has something important to ask Jesus.  You gotta read this!  Jesus spells out very clearly what it takes to reign by Jesus’ side.  

Everywhere Jesus went He had compassion on those that were hurting - and took time.  Hmmmm, something more we could learn and apply.