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Matthew 18

Matthew 18.

There is sooo much here, we could do a whole series of messages just on this chapter.  

Jesus continues to remind them of the humble heart and humility required to be teachable.  Who’s the greatest among you?  Let me tell you - unless you change and become like children there is no place in the kingdom for you!  Wait, is Jesus saying be immature… absolutely not.  He’s pointing out their desire to be “the greatest” their ambition and pride isn’t going to cut it.  Humility and desire to attain worldly wealth and acceptance don’t jive together.

Furthermore He takes the opportunity in this chapter to talk to them about being aware of their responsibility regarding others - especially little children.  It is not good for us if the things we do cause others to sin.  Paul recognizes this concept even as it relates to what we eat or drink (Romans 14:21). We have a responsibility to those who are watching - and someone is ALWAYS watching.  

He goes on to talk to them about holding one another accountable - checking one another up on sin areas that need addressing.  

Obviously we are sinful and as a result we are going to hurt each other.  How many times am I expected to forgive my brother?  You’ll have to dig in and read to find out!