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Matthew 23

How does is feel if someone calls you a Hypocrite? What is a hypocrite?  Someone who says one thing but does another.  Simply put you’re a hypocrite if you know what to do, maybe you even talk the talk but you don’t walk the walk.  

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard “church’s are full of hypocrites”, I’d be a rich man.  I used to get all defensive - likely like you do if someone calls you that.  Then I realized the reality is… yes churches are full of hypocrites.  The world is a broken place full of broken people and church’s are just buildings full of the same.  The difference, hopefully, is, within the building are those purposing to let Jesus change them from the inside out!  The truth is, everyone at some point has been a hypocrite.  We’re all in this “know what we should do, even pretend to have it figured out - but really don’t” boat together.  

Jesus had much to say to some of the biggest hypocrites ever.  It wasn’t the dirty rotten sinners he came to seek and save.  It was to those who thought they had it all figured out.  

Check it out for yourself.  Oh, and if someone calls you a hypocrite, don’t get all testy - simply look in the mirror and take inventory.  Ask yourself, “Am I living what I say I believe?”  If not… well, maybe I am a hypocrite.  

Join me and let the Words of Matthew 23 sink in and convict!