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2 Samuel 4

Good Morning “Walking Hand in Hand With The Father.”  Today we are in 2 Samuel 4.

With Abner dead, Ish-Bosheth’s courage is gone.  Israel is nervous.  Two of Saul’s commanders decide to cut losses and position themselves with the new king and like the young Amalekite underestimate David’s character.

David learned his lesson regarding Gods anointed with Saul.  Furthermore he made a covenant with Jonathan to protect the house of Saul once he was king.  

Rekab and Baanah sneak into Ish-Bosheth’s quarters during his mid day nap, stab him in the gut and take his head.  Talk about cowardly.  They deliver his head to David expecting a reward.  Again… costly miscalculation.  David begins by reminding them of the young Amalekite’s fate, then has them killed and put on display.  The message - I’m not looking for this kind of help.  David has learned that God will place him in power in His timing.  God will build his kingdom.  All he asks is David’s obedience.  As David is obedient, God blesses further.

Now I don’t mean to suggest that our obedience puts God in a must bless box.  However; our obedience does position us for blessing rather than discipline.  There is an easy way and a hard way.  We have an invitation to walk hand in hand with The Father - like a young boy walks with his.  We’ve also see the father dragging his son along the way.  Maybe we’ve had the occasion to do that with our own children.

Hand in hand, walking in unity with The Father, or dragged kicking and screaming.  He leaves the choice with us… but we will get to our destination one way or another.  

Love you all!  Dig in!