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1 Samuel 29

Good Morning “Blessed by Rejection.”  Today we are in 1 Samuel 29.

Rejection stinks.  Have you ever been rejected by a friend, or a special someone you were crushing on?  How about an application to college - denied?  Maybe you applied for a job and things looked really good but then you didn’t get it, or lost a promotion.  Have you ever looked back, from your life down the road, and realized that God was blessing you in the denial?  The better He had for you, required that He take away the thing you were pursuing.  

In this chapter we see God at work despite David’s best efforts to get in over his head.  The dialog between David and Achish is almost comical.  The deceived (Achish) defends his deceiver, and the relieved (David) disputes his relief!  God through the other leaders of the Philistines is protecting David from going too far with his deception.

As Achish sends David back to his territory God is delivering David from his questionable decisions, protecting the nation of Israel, preserving the integrity of Israel’s trust in their future King David, and silently protecting the birth-line of Messiah.

How many times does He protect us in a similar fashion?  Be assured, we cannot expect God to always clean up our messes.  One thing is sure however; our sin and decisions DO NOT derail His plan, He’s bigger than that, and we’re not that powerful.  

Maybe next time you experience rejection and are tempted to twist off asking “why me Lord”… stop and consider… maybe He’s working a way better plan in your life.

Love you all!  Dig in!