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1 Samuel 26

Happy Father’s Day Fathers!  

Good Morning “Forged by Fire.” Today we are in 1 Samuel 26.

The last 3 chapters have given us a glimpse into the Power God has to effect change in us and others through trials and testing.  As hard as testing may be to go through, we should “Consider it joy”, when we go through trials because that testing causes us to grow (James 1:2-4)

Pay attention to David’s words, his tone through the last 3 chapters.  He’s moved from disrespecting, insulting, threatening Saul in 24, by taking a corner (the hem) of his robe - to turning his focus to Saul’s lack of protection.  His point or purpose in this chapter appears to be demonstrating his allegiance to Saul, because of his God given position - rather than threatening him.  

Furthermore after letting his emotions and offense get out of control with Nabal in chapter 25, he now seems in control.  Based on the way God dealt with Nabal, David now seems to understand that Saul’s judgment is up to God.  

Understand this, if we fail the test, God is likely to offer us a retake - ha ha.  His lessons are for us to learn.  Learn the lesson - move on to the next.  Oh that we might trust Him enough, to remain contrite and at peace in the midst of trial - that we might be yielded to what God is trying to accomplish in us.  Oh that we might see others the way God sees them, and be patient as He does His work in them as well.

Love you all!  Dig in!