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lighthouse for christ

Justin and Shannon Brown are missionaries in Mombasa, Kenya.
Their main purpose in Kenya is that they are the financial overseers for the Lighthouse Eye Center, Bible School, and Fellowship of Churches.
Their prayer needs for include:
* Their oldest daughter (Hunter) begins boarding school in January (if schools reopen) and their second daughter (Avery) in September.
* Financial support - $200/Month - monthly support
* For the hospital recovering financially after COVID
* For continued growth of the Kingdom in Mombasa.
You can contact Justin and Shannon the following ways:
+254 715 741 128 iMessage or WhatsApp
+254 715 741 077 iMessage or WhatsApp
More updates on life here with Covid -19

Right after our last update, things here took a turn for the worse. Our particular neighborhood was identified as a hot spot for people who had tested positive, so they sent in the military and did a complete lock-down of the area, surrounding us by shutting off the roads and posting military at every street corner.

The spread of the virus has been slow here; we are at a little over 4,000 that have tested positive. The big problem is that they are testing so few each day. The government here really looks to the US and UK to see how to move forward. Just this week they eased restrictions on travel within Mombasa, even though you cannot leave the city. There are already talks of possibly opening up schools and the borders again in September, but many doubt that will happen. As always, the biggest losers are the poor as they struggle to survive. The positive is that this has opened up a lot of opportunities for us to minister to friends and neighbors. Please join us in prayer that they would come to know the Father and His love for them.
The kids get creative when left with too much free time. They hold card tournaments on the weekends and have created new games to play during the day. Of course, home-school never ends so that occupies most of their time. They also enjoy reading and painting. Hunter recently found out that “boarding school” will be online only for this fall. She is disappointed, but her sisters and parents are happy to have her around a bit longer.
Our greatest excitement came when, for several weeks, we would hear "things" crawling around in our attic. And by crawling, we mean romping. We build traps out of glue that would catch us large patches of hair, and trap door barrels that would be chewed open. Finally, we caught one of the "mice" that occupy the apartment with us. Needless to say, the girls are happy they stay in the attic.