“Missions is any endeavor outside of our church to obey the Great Commission by proclaiming the gospel of Christ making disciples and gathering these into local churches. Our goal and vision is to develop a philosophy that is in alignment with the vision God has given our church and that will enable us to fulfill our purpose as a Mission Board.”


  1. To develop our commitment to the “First Great Commandment” so that everyone we encounter will know that we seek to love God with our whole being and strive to help others to do the same.
  2. To develop our commitment to the “Second Great Commandment,” loving our neighbors as ourselves whether they live across the street or around the world.
  3. To fulfill the Great Commission of Christ.
  4. To share Christ’s heart for the world.
  5. To minister to the totality of human need.
  6. To save men and bring them to the knowledge of God.
  7. To obey Christ by confessing Him to the world.


  1. That each of us would pray weekly for world evangelization.
  2. That our family units would give financially to the Mission Fund and/or a missionary that our church supports.
  3. That we as individuals and a congregation would share Christ with others regularly on a monthly basis.
  4. That a portion of our youth and adults would be involved in a cross-cultural ministry
  5. That a portion of our adults would either be involved with missions as a ministry or be preparing for this vocation.
  6. That our congregation would understand biblically why our congregation is involved in world missions and what we are doing in global evangelization.